Safeguarding at SPOT Project

15th October 2020  |  27th Safar 1442

The topic of safeguarding is fundamental to the operation of most charities working with children and vulnerable adults throughout the world.

In early August 2020 safeguarding issues were highlighted in the press concerning UK charities working and administrating services to young children especially those in orphanages. As the SPOT PROJECT operates a boarding school in The Gambia, it is vitally important to inform all supporters about SPOT PROJECTs’ safeguarding initiatives and method of operation.

The SPOT PROJECT was established for the sole purpose of safeguarding orphans in The Gambia. When the charity founders first visited The Gambia in early 2017, they witnessed first-hand the appalling conditions many orphans were living in. It moved these Brothers and Sisters to start the SPOT Academy; a full-time boarding school focused on supporting and improving the lives of orphans from deprived backgrounds.

Protecting children and young adults from harm is paramount to the SPOT PROJECT. The aim of the organization is to create and uphold an environment which promotes the safety of its beneficiaries, especially young orphans. Their safety is of utmost importance at all times and in all projects. Achieving this requires safeguarding, best practice and rigorous supervision.

In keeping up with these standards, the SPOT PROJECT requires its team members both in The Gambia and in the United Kingdom to complete NSPCC safeguarding courses and background checks. SPOT PROJECT also conducts regular review of its standards of operation. The SPOT Academy is run by a management team who not only look after the welfare of the children but also provide a dedicated safeguarding officer 24 hours a day, something that is unheard of in similar boarding schools.

SPOT PROJECT is committed to transparency and communication in this matter and all other matters pertaining to the safety of its beneficiaries. In the coming year, SPOT PROJECT will regularly update its supporters on our safeguarding training and practice, as well as currently project updates and timeline.

In The Gambia, the Covid-19 restrictions have affected the organizations’ ability to carry out some of the most needed projects. Nevertheless, we are dedicated as ever in getting your donations to the areas you specified to fulfill our covenant to those who have entrusted their wealth with us for the sake of supporting the people of tomorrow.

We understand the difficulties faced by everyone around the world. Particular as a result of COVID-19. We thank you for your continued support and trust. We will continue to work diligently to ensure that your donations save lives and ‘Support the People Of Tomorrow’ in The Gambia.