2k Challenge & Girl's School Update

3rd December 2020  |  17th Rabi Ul Akhir 1442

This past Ramadan, SPOT Project launched its Gambia Girl’s School campaign, urging you all to donate and fundraise for the establishment of a girl’s school and multipurpose center in Gambia. Alhamdulillah, we received amazing support and as a result of your great efforts, we were able to start the project sooner than anticipated. Though the building of the school was delayed due to the COVID-19 restrictions, SPOT Project is happy to announce that the building and construction of the girls school will commence in the second week of December 2020 Insha’Allah. We would like to thank everyone who donated and supported this project, with a special thanks to everyone who participated in the 2K challenge.

As part of SPOT Project’s 2K challenge, participants were given the opportunity to travel to the Gambia and obtain first-hand experience of our projects and activities in the Gambia. However, due to present Covid-19 restrictions both in the Gambia and the UK, we have had to delay our plans. The safety of our volunteers and students is of utmost importance. Therefore, SPOT Project has had to delay the upcoming 2K challenge volunteer trip, we are presently looking at November 2021 to be able to safely allow visitors to our projects in the Gambia, Insha’Allah.
It is SPOT Project’s hope to continue to provide aid all across the Gambia and in specific areas of the UK in these trying times. We must acknowledge that none of the work we do is made possible except by the facilitation of Allah (swt) and through your generosity, hard work and support. We appreciate your efforts and continued support in helping SPOT Project fulfil its aim of ‘Supporting the People Of Tomorrow’.

You can expect more information and updates as we receive more information from our projects and activities . You will find regular updates on the construction of the boys & girls schools, highlights of some of community work both in the Gambia and in London on our website (spotproject.org) and on our Instagram page (@SPOT_PROJECT).

Again, we thank you all and ask Allah (swt) to bless and protect you and your families in this difficult time.

Jazakum Allahu Khayran, Wasalamu Alaykum

SPOT Project Admin