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The children will need ongoing support and encouragement to be able to continue studying and progressing in their lives. To ensure that they are able to do this, we need your help sponsoring an Orphan allowing them to have a brighter tomorrow. Sponsoring an Orphan at SPOT means that you can speak to them regularly, exchange videos and even meet them face to face.

Your sponsorship will provide the following:

School Fees & Uniform
Food provided for the whole family
Shelter & Care

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:

"The one who cares for an Orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this,"
and he held his two fingers together to illustrate.

One Orphan

Two Orphans

Three Orphans

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Frequently Asked Questions

To sponsor an orphan at SPOT Project will cost £600 a year. That’s approximately £1.64 a day. Although this does not seem very much, each penny of your sponsorship goes a long way to helping with the cost of daily living.

Through your sponsorship they receive:

  • Regular medical care
  • Learning resources. e.g. books, stationary etc.
  • Season-appropriate clothing
  • Regular healthy and nutritious meals
  • Sanitary products

SPOT Project’s aim is to, ultimately, provide long-term support for our children, therefore, the sponsorship of an individual will last until they are empowered enough to become independent and self-sufficient. You have the option to sponsor a child on a yearly rolling basis or sponsor an orphan over an extended period of time.

Additionally, sponsoring an orphan with SPOT and how long this will last depends on each child’s circumstances, how old they are and what needs will have to be met to ensure that they flourish.

Families of the orphans may feel as though they have the ability to provide for them and their needs, at which point the family’s ability to do this will be looked into and if it is decided that they can provide adequately for the orphan then sponsorship may no longer be appropriate. Situations like these will have to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Apart from that great feeling you get when you know you are helping to transform and empower a child, a sponsor will also be provided with the following:

  • Regular updates on the orphan being sponsored
  • Pictures of the child
  • Direct communication with the child
  • A potential opportunity to visit the child at the Academy

Sponsoring a child with us means that you are ensuring the wellbeing of these children on a long-term basis, every day, all year round.

We are dedicated to the care of these orphans and, as such, each child is assigned a key worker as well as a mentor. This mentor observes and documents their learning experience so that the Academy can provide a service to these children which is specific to each child. In other words, we are responsive to each individual child and appreciate and celebrate their individuality.

With that being said, each member of staff puts in huge effort to ensure each child feels special, wanted and loved. It’s never just about money, but also how this sponsorship makes the child feel and so this is a process that will provide them with a sense of pride and encouragement to know that someone, somewhere, despite what they have been through, cares enough to support them.