The 2k Challenge is an opportunity for people to get involved & leave a legacy

Every Ramadan, SPOT Project raises money for many different campaigns, mostly involving building Schools & Orphanages. All the donations raised will go towards every project in the Make it Happen Fund. The 2k Challenge involves you to take the initiative to fundraise towards a target of £2000. The money will go towards building and facilitating a proper education for Orphans, needy children & the less fortunate.

You can participate in the 2k Challenge during Ramadan

Fundraise £2000
Opportunity to fly out to Gambia & witness first-hand how your money is spent
We cover the accommodation and costs on the ground
We will be showcasing our other projects in the duration of your trip

Some of the benefits of taking part in the 2k Challenge involve:

  • Having the opportunity to come out and see the campaign that you raised money for.
  • Contributing towards a project bigger than what any individual can accomplish.
  • Working alongside other volunteers with the same passion for creating new opportunities.
  • Witnessing first-hand how education can be the escape-route from poverty.
  • Helping to inspire a generation.
  • Making an impact on the lives of those in need.
  • Enhancing your communicative and personal skills by meeting new people from foreign cultures.

Previous 2k Challengers

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