About Us

SPOT Project

Inspire. Educate. Change.

SPOT, Supporting People Of Tomorrow; is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2015 and a registered charity since 2019, with the goal of helping young people in deprived areas. Ever since our launch, our main projects have been in Africa where we have managed to sponsor orphans, refurbish schools, provide food packs and build water wells. It is our aim to transform the lives of the most vulnerable in underprivileged regions.

Our Mission

We are ‘Supporting the People Of Tomorrow’. SPOT aims to illuminate the hearts, faces and minds of underprivileged youth around the world; starting in The Gambia. We aim to build schools and learning centres through which we can run courses, seminars and training programs to equip the youth with essential skills and the education they need to make a better future and to motivate those that will one day look up to them. We work towards making leaders that will give back to the community once they have taken what they need and transformed their own lives.

Our Vision

We aim to be a role model charity, one that revives transparency and faith in our industry. Our aim is to empower and inspire a generation that has been left neglected and often forgotten, to transform them into leaders and educators regardless of race, language or background. We only focus on the future and making this world safer and better through our education programs across the world that are focused on the most underprivileged youth in the most deprived areas. Educational programs delivered by experts and leading figures that will motivate others to be proactive, get involved, and help change lives.